Food Revolution

If food really is “thy medicine” then Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is one of the best medical dramas on television. The TV rating system should come up with a new type of PG rating for this show “Parental Guidance Mandatory”. Deemed reality TV this show is a major reality check… Read More»

Everyone loves a good beach party.

Well how about a beach party featuring the legendary Beach Boys, an important cause, and 1000 guests partying under the warm California sunshine? May 19th was the date for the annual fundraising gala in support of Heal the Bay, one of Southern California’s most important and successful environmental action groups.… Read More»

Sustainable Sushi?

Do you have a love for sushi? With an environmental crisis happening in our oceans and with so many of the world’s fisheries under threat of collapse you may be wondering (hopefully), is it time to give up on sushi? Not necessarily. Follow these simple tips and you’ll greatly lessen… Read More»

The Ascenta Story (Abbreviated)

Often I’m asked why I decided on omega-3 as a business. The honest answer would be that I didn’t. As an entrepreneur I would describe myself as one that sees opportunity as opposed to creating it. The intuitive approach, some call it. Therefore, I saw an opportunity with omega-3 waiting… Read More»


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