Simple Logic

Children have an uncanny ability for logic. Moreover children are more apt to apply this logic. The message of organic vs conventional is not a new one for many but the impact of this girl’s message conjured up an immediate call to action – I wanted to go out and… Read More»

Paying homage to the Sun Gods

Nearly every ancient culture of the world believed in some sort of sun worship, often within the realm of spiritual or religious beliefs. Consistent among them is the belief that the sun possessed great powers typically associated with giving life, purification and healing ability. Perhaps the most widely known is… Read More»

What’s in a (fish oil) label?

Food and nutritional labeling is at best difficult to understand for even the savviest of consumers. While most of us struggle to make smart buying decisions based on what’s on the label, the real concern is what’s not on the label. Take for example the artificial preservatives sprayed on fresh… Read More»

Be the Change

When it comes to the environment we are sometimes overwhelmed by the global devastation we have caused as humans. The sheer amount of change that needs to happen, and happen soon, is quite daunting. When we relate to issues of this magnitude we often dissociate from the impact we as… Read More»


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