Seven Days of Healthy Eating

Whether you think you eat a good diet or a poor one we all have room to better our health with some easy changes to our diet. Supporting these healthy changes over the long run requires us to achieve a greater level of body awareness. Whenever we eat food there… Read More»

The truth about krill oil

March of the Penguins Decline of the Penguins – and it looks like krill oil is to blame! Due to the popularity of krill oil supplements I am often asked why Ascenta does not use krill oil. Here are several facts you need to know about krill: 1. Krill oil… Read More»

Inner Life of a Cell

Most of us fall under the category of “eats too much processed food, doesn’t exercise enough, sleeps poorly, and has too much stress in their life”. Over time we dissociate our overall health from these daily habits that fail to nourish the body and leave our cells in a constant… Read More»

Celebrate the future not the past

This past weekend Canadians from coast-to-coast held their beloved maple leaf close to heart as they celebrated all that is great about Canada, among them a free access healthcare system and a vast landscape of natural spaces. While its important to take note of these wonderful liberties, we have to… Read More»


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