How to administer omega-3 to cats

How to Administer Omega-3 for Cats

Even the sweetest kitty can be a finicky eater. So when it comes to administering an omega-3 supplement to support your furry friend’s wellbeing, how can you make it as enjoyable as possible for you both? With the right omega-3 product, it can be easy! Omega-3 is an essential part… Read More»


Top 5 Benefits of Fish Oil for Cats

If you’re considering giving your cat a pure, potent, specially-formulated fish oil product to maintain her optimal health, you may be wondering about the potential benefits of omega-3 for cats. Some of the benefits of omega-3 found in fish oil for cats aren’t visible, but other changes in your kitty’s… Read More»


Fish Oil for Pets: Keeping Furry Friends Healthy

Even the most health-conscious pet owner may balk at the idea of giving their pet a dietary supplement. Don’t pets get all the nutrition they need in their balanced pet food? Unfortunately, the answer is ​no​. [1] While some brands of food are certainly more nutritious than others, it’s nearly… Read More»


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