Why Don’t Dogs Live Forever?


True dog lovers know that the hardest part of dog ownership is coming to terms with their lifespans—dogs don’t live as long as humans do, so it’s inevitable that, at some point, we’ll have to say goodbye to our best friends.

In recent years, dogs’ lifespans have become even shorter. This shortening of their lives coincides with a dramatic rise in diagnoses of diabetes and cancer in domestic pets. What’s causing all this disease in our beloved dogs? How can we stop it?

Ascenta Ambassador Rodney Habib asked himself these same questions when his dog Sammie was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. His quest for answers took him all over the globe—including Australia, where he met the world’s oldest dog (and her owner) and the USA, where he witnessed the cancer-reversing results of the KetoPet Sanctuary.

Rodney recently gave an inspiring and illuminating TEDx talk in which he shared his pet nutrition research and his passion for helping dogs live better and live longer. Watch Rodney’s full TEDx talk below, and visit his website at PlanetPaws.ca for more information about life-changing diets for dogs.

We’re so proud to have Rodney on our Ascenta Ambassador team, and we hope his work moves dog owners around the world to feed their pets healthier, more natural, disease-preventing diets!


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