News: We’re Expanding!

We’re happy to announce the expansion of our Dartmouth, N.S. headquarter facility! Our expanded location will increase efficiency and production capacity, allowing us to bring you even more high quality omega-3 products. Since our inception, we’ve helped position Nova Scotia as an ideal setting for marine-based life sciences with access… Read More»

Close to the Edge

The rapid growth and development of the past century is unprecedented in human history. The human machine as we’ll call it, continues to build speed, which for the most part elicits a sense of awe and excitement. But without a good understanding of where you want to go fast quite… Read More»

Veg & Fruit Consumption in Children

By guest blogger Erin Balodis. Erin is a Naturopathic Doctor with a Masters in Nutrition who practices in the Halifax area. Increasing Vegetable and Fruit Consumption in Children March is Nutrition Month so I wanted to pose the question: are your children eating as healthy as they can be? Despite best… Read More»

What’s in a (fish oil) label?

Food and nutritional labeling is at best difficult to understand for even the savviest of consumers. While most of us struggle to make smart buying decisions based on what’s on the label, the real concern is what’s not on the label. Take for example the artificial preservatives sprayed on fresh… Read More»


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