Omega-3 without the fish

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NutraVege is a pure, potent, plant-sourced omega-3. Up to 1000 mg of EPA+DHA per serving. Now available with certified vegan Vitamin D3.

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Pure omega-3 rich in EPA + DHA

Until now, only fish and squid oils could provide an equivalent EPA+DHA potency. Our NutraVege supplements offer a pure and balanced plant-sourced omega-3, derived from algae.

For your
little vegetarian.

100% plant-based omega-3 plus vegan Vitamin D3. Ages 1 to 14.


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Purecheck® Guarantee

How do we ensure what’s written on the label is in the bottle? By testing it. All our NutraSea and NutraVege products undergo rigorous third-party testing by PureCheck® – so that you know what you’re taking is potent and pure, with all the benefits of omega-3.

What's Purecheck?