1. Where does our flavour come from? Are your flavours natural?

    Ascenta uses natural flavours in all of our products. Ascenta’s natural flavours can come from a variety of sources, such as plants, roots, fruits, vegetables and spices. The materials are often diluted with carriers such as plant oils to facilitate their easy addition to our products.

  2. Do your natural flavours contain allergens?

    Our flavours do not contain wheat, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, fish, or shellfish. Our flavours may be manufactured on the same production line as some of these common allergens with the exception of peanuts; however, thorough cleaning techniques are employed to prevent the cross contamination of flavours and allergens during manufacturing and packaging.

  3. Are your natural flavours organic?

    No, our flavours are not organic.

  4. Do your natural flavours contain sugar, MSG, or colouring?

    No, our flavours do not contain sugar, MSG, or colouring.

  5. How can a "mango" flavour not actually contain any mangoes?

    Natural flavour components can sometimes be combined together to resemble other natural flavours. For example, components from apple and grape could be combined to get a flavour that tastes like strawberries, without using any actual strawberries. Natural flavours are sometimes made up of components from natural sources other than the named flavour because of availability, enhanced flavour profile, and better stability.

  6. How can you call "bubblegum" a natural flavour? Bubblegum isn't natural!

    Bubblegum is definitely not found in nature but the materials used to create our bubblegum flavour are from natural sources. Natural flavour ingredients are combined to simulate bubblegum flavour.

  7. What meat does the smokey meat flavour in Canine Omega3 come from?

    Natural flavour components are combined to simulate a smokey meat flavour. Some examples of natural components are vegetable and spice extracts.

    Ascenta’s smokey meat flavour does not contain actual meat or go through any smoking process.