1. Is it harmful to take fish oil after the expiration date?

    Ascenta cannot guarantee the quality of our products beyond the expiration date.

  2. Do your products contain toxins or contaminants?

    Every lot of Ascenta product is sent to an independent laboratory for third-party verification where the product is benchmarked against the industry’s guidelines for quality and purity. Ascenta’s Pure Check program monitors toxins and contaminants according to global standards. Fish oils are tested for premium quality and purity before refining after which they are purified, concentrated, and deodorized through molecular distillation. Quality parameters are monitored after each step to ensure specifications are met before moving onto the next step. Pure Check provides complete transparency to consumers as third-party test results for every lot of Ascenta product are available on the Ascenta website.

  3. Are your products safe for pregnant women to consume?

    At the recommended dose, NutraSea and NutraSea+D are safe to consume during pregnancy and while nursing. NutraSea hp, NutraSea DHA, and NutraVege are more specialized omega-3 supplements and therefore you should consult with a health care practitioner prior to use during pregnancy and lactation. Omega-3 fatty acids are vital to the healthy development of the fetal brain and nervous system. They also benefit expectant mothers, as low omega-3 levels in pregnant or nursing women have been linked to an increase in post partum depression. A purified fish oil supplement such as NutraSea and NutraSea+D is a safe and healthy way to ensure optimal omega-3 intake during pregnancy and nursing. Learn more about omega-3 and pregnancy here.

  4. Do you have proof that your ingredients have not been affected by radiation?

    Please see our response to radiation concerns here.

  5. Is NutraSea third-party tested?

    Yes, every batch of NutraSea is tested for quality, purity and label claims by independent laboratories.

  6. What is Pure Check?

    Pure Check is a quality assurance program through which Ascenta third-party tests every batch of product for quality, purity, and label claims. The Pure Check test results are posted on our website for consumers to see. Ascenta is the only developer of natural health products to provide consumers with this level of transparency, providing assurance that our products are of the highest quality.

  7. How is Pure Check different from IFOS?

    The International Fish Oil Standards Program (or IFOS for short) and Pure Check are both third-party testing programs that evaluate fish oil quality, purity, and label claims. The reference standard for both programs is the Global Organization for EPA and DHA (GOED), which is considered the benchmark for fish oil quality. IFOS is voluntary and manufacturers do not have to test every batch nor are they required to post any batches that test poorly. The Ascenta Pure Check program takes IFOS testing to the next level and provides complete transparency to the consumer. Every lot of Ascenta product is sent to an independent laboratory for third-party verification where the product is benchmarked against the industry’s most stringent guidelines for quality and purity. Third-party test results for each product lot are available in a consumer-friendly format on the Ascenta website.

  8. Who actually performs the third party testing?

    The Canadian Institute of Fisheries Technology (or CIFT) at Dalhousie University is one of Ascenta’s third party labs. It is a specialized resource center of advanced technology for research and education in food science and process engineering with an emphasis on seafoods. Ascenta also use other labs such as RPC Science and Engineering (for impurity testing), Silliker Canada Co. (for various chemical tests), and Impact Laboratories (for microbiology testing).