Omega-3 is part of a healthy diet. But while we need these essential fatty acids, our bodies lack the enzymes to produce them. Our NutraSea and NutraVege Omega-3 supplements provide a daily dose that can help with everything from cardiovascular health to brain development, cognitive function and more.

NutraSea Products


Ultra-pure, great-tasting omega-3 for the whole family. Just one teaspoon daily delivers all the omega-3 goodness you need. Available in liquid or liquid gel formats, with an array of great-tasting flavours.

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NutraVege Products


The benefit of omega-3 without the fish! Derived from algae, NutraVege is a great-tasting choice for vegetarians or those who simply prefer a plant-based supplement. Available in a range of flavours and both liquid and liquid-gel formats.

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NutraTiva Products


Finally, a hemp seed oil that tastes great. NutraTiva is the delicious chocolate mint flavoured omega-3 + hemp oil. Up to 1250 mg of EPA+DHA and 200 mg hemp seed oil. No THC or CBD.

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